Our production system is monitored by a professional team in all sections. It is divided on several quality checkpoints which allows us to fulfill all our clients’ requests.


Strongly oriented towards a daily and direct contact with our customers, Camorsil counts on a highly trained commercial department that is efficiently capable of responding to every demand, from the first idea and prototype to logistics and shipment.

Our pattern maker professionals and integrated CAD/CAM system are also very important for the planning process. “From the idea the garment is made”, following all of the client’s technical specifications.



Camorsil has a specific Software for pattern making: Lectra.
Counting on fully computerized equipment and an integrated system, we rely on automatic cutting for production.

Still, we do have a section dedicated to sampling manual cutting.



Associated with a vast experience on the textile market, Camorsil has technologically up to date equipment and highly experienced human resources.

Camorsil counts on selected and controlled subcontractors (sewing lines, embroiders and printing houses, laundries, among others), in order to fulfill all our clients’ needs.

Every part of the process, either an intern or extern one, is ensured by our quality control experts. This is the key to our success, allowing us to be on the market and to follow our clients’ growth for decades.



The last phase of the product consists on a strict quality control, the products being submitted to external auditory to ensure all specifications are met.

We are proud to constantly receive the best results on the quality reports.

A quick response is also a priority at Camorsil and to achieve such we count on press and automatic folding machines.